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Our first published book:

BookCoverPreviewDropletsDE.front.doDroplets of Time

Dave Ellis writes about impressions from his travels in Europe 2013-2016.

The collection stretches over the continent with a mix of close everyday moments to the wider sweeps of history in England and Italy over the centuries. With a main focus around the love of life, of living, of the smaller pleasures in life, and of beauty. The poems are expressions of special emotional and visual moments, and written in a short, free form. Some poems are also small portraits of special people and new friends encountered during his travels.

The Poetry Collection is available in print from Amazon and selected retail outlets, and also available from RWB Music in Castlegate 7 in York, England!


Our first novel – The Park!!

The Park

“The Park” is in the final stages of proof-reading and polishing, and should be ready for release sometime during autumn 2016/winter 2017!

For pre-released excerpts – please look here:

The Park is a tribute to life, and to people and travels. As a man sits down in a beautiful park and starts reminiscing about good life in the past, he also gradually recalls earlier changes in his life, which ultimately brings him to a new threshold, and a whole new beginning.

First reviews (Droplets):

“You really should be proud of your work. Some of the images you paint are very colorful and playful; others powerful. Your appreciation of the small things in life (which are sometimes physically big things) comes through loudly and clearly. Droplets of Time leaves one feeling upbeat and lucky to be alive to witness so much beauty. I would recommend this book to anyone who might need an emotional shot in the arm.”
– D. Woodall, NYC, Historian from Yale.

“This slender collection is like a modern day collection of Haiku, evoking fleeting moments of beauty. Refreshing and playful.”
– P. Liscio, Opera-singer, Metropolitan Opera, NYC.

“I received your book from Amazon and was very impressed with it. You manage to paint such vivid pictures, that make the reader feel like they are there, with so few words. Looking forward to the novel.”
– Barista, The Lake District

“What a lovely experience – the word pictures you had created really were most effective and made me feel I was there. I particularly liked the ‘dithering’ bag of herbs in the tea making-very apt. Well done!”
– BnB, The Lake District

“For Daves First book I found it Interesting with excellent word pictures and discriptions. Looking forward to his next book.”
– Amazon.co.uk

“Great works!!! Fantastic work!!! I like it, indeed. And I love some of them very much. I want to read and ruminate the whole collection several more times. They are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me!”
– Dr. L. Peng, Historian, China.

More reviews from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Droplets-Time-Fleeting-Dave-Ellis/product-reviews/1516898990/ and here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/1516898990/

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