Thoughts by the Pond :)

Hi everyone!!

Just a quick summer update – for a couple of months we’ve been posting excerpts from the first little novel “The Park” on a website here:

We’ve gotten over 200 followers in just two months!

Please have a look :))


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Great reviews! :)

Hello everyone!

First a big big thanks to all the people who has given such great feedback and reviews on the first Poetry book!! It’s been such a great joy to be able to share these beautiful little moments from the travels in England & Italy – and also to hear that other people can enjoy some of these precious little moments and sometimes feel the emotions too! Thanks again!! 😀

The Droplets book will very soon be available for sale physically at the RWB Music Shop here in York, England, in addition to the already available print and e-book versions through Amazon! And we’ve gotten 6 reviews now!

The novel is still growing steadily and just reached 110 pages on the first draft. Somewhere in February/March the full draft should be ready! Then comes the editing. And it’s still a great, joyful project to work with – looking forward to the coming months!! 🙂

Greetings to everyone,
and best wishes for a safe and happy Holidays!

Dave Ellis


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Working on first novel!

Just reached 80 pages on the first draft!

Estimated release is still next summer 🙂

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Kindle edition ready!

We just published the ebook version to Kindle!

Initial offering for just $4.99 🙂

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